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Hi, I’m Emily 👋 – I go by ‘she/her’ pronouns.

I’m a web developer who is currently looking for a new team to work alongside. For four+ years (2015-19) I worked with the folks at Hypenotic.

I double-majored in psychology and English, so I’m always thinking about the stories behind people’s behaviour. While I’ve mainly honed my coding skills over the past few years, I’m also interested in learning more about research.

Everyone is digging deeper into their own trench and rarely standing up to look in the next trench over, even though the solution to their problem happens to reside there.

Range, David Epstein

^ This. You never know what will make your neurons connect. I’m a believer in continuous learning, exploring topics outside of my main areas of study, and keeping an open mind – all for the sake of making new connections.

If you’re someone/a team that’s:

  • not just trying to make a buck
  • genuinely interested in the stories of the people whose lives are affected by your products and services
  • excited about responsibly working with evolving tech

…all for the sake of helping others – let’s chat.

People/Organizations who are inspiring me:

Maria PopovaBrit Marling, Krista Tippett, Kai Brach + Offscreen, Vivianne Castillo&Partners,, Greater Good Studio

Main tools on rotation...

Vue.js • Vuex • NuxtJS • React • Redux • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • Git • WordPress • PHP • MySQL • MongoDB • Mongoose • REST + GraphQL API consumption + creation • Node.js • Express • NGINX • Apache • PM2

What I'm currently learning...

Next up: React Native • Next.js • PWA development • Jest • AVA • Docker + Kubernetes

Recently Completed Courses

The Shelf

Select work that stirred up a reaction. Hope, sadness, anger, curiosity, gratitude, unabashed joy, etc.

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